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Comm Of Mass Construction Supervisor License (Unrestricted #101993)
Serving the Boston Metropolitan Area & the South Shore
Got a leaking roof? Don't replace the roof. We'll fix the leaks and you save thousands!
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Roofing/Waterproofing/ Remodeling Contractor in the Boston Metropolitan Area

A house can ‘look' just fine. But it takes the expertise of a trained professional to see structural instabilities that lower the value of the property. With over 40 years' experience as a roofer and a licensed builder with unrestricted construction supervisor's license for the commonwealth of Massachusetts, you can trust the professionals at True Construction.

Roof InsPections

As one of the most costly repairs, a positive roof inspection is required for insurance purposes. The roof is the first point of contact with bad weather. With yearly maintenance inspections, it is possible to avoid major roof issues.

From gutter work to roofing installations, True Construction works to prevent and remediate any water leakage or damage.

Structural InsPections

There are many variables that go into appraising a property's value. And making or even avoiding core repairs and replacements has one of the biggest impacts on price. The structural inspection with True Construction assures that electrical, plumbing, mechanical and physical structure is in compliance before you accept an offer or make an offer.

Before you buy a residential or commercial property or put yours on the market, make sure you call True Construction to get a roofing and structural inspection.

Waterproofing & Masonry

At True Construction, we are experts at repairing and rebuilding chimneys, foundations, and walls etc. We stop the leaking of water through all masonry structures.

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Comm of Mass Construction Supervisor License (unrestricted #101993)
Current-Home Improvement Certification, #170-285 | R.R.P. (Renovation Repair & Painting) Certification NAT-44516-1
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True Construction in Quincy, Massachusetts, is a full-service residential and commercial remodeling contractor that specializes in roofing and waterproofing of all types. We encourage patch and/or repair of your existing roof for hundreds of dollars versus replacement for thousands. We service the entire building, i.e. siding, windows, chimneys, gutters, skylights & foundations, etc. Our services also include masonry, roof inspections, slate and copper work, window replacements, basement waterproofing, painting and all other phases of residential construction, no matter how small the job.
We provide you with a more practical and affordable solution to water leaks. We can prolong the life of your existing roof from 5-10 years.
Contact us in Quincy, Massachusetts, to request an estimate from our remodeling contractor.
Currently Providing a Certificate of Insurance for $1-2 Million upon request.
Serving the Boston Metropolitan Area & the South Shore.